Ben Kealey has played the Piano since a very early age and is now Keyboardist for the Rock band Kasabian. He has performed on the original soundtracks to the films “I Give It a Year” and “London Boulevard” as well as the TV series “Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy” scored by Sergio Pizzorno.

Ben performs worldwide and this has given him an opportunity to absorb many styles of Art and Culture which is reflected in his Urban Art projects. Ben will talk happily to you about the finest details of car design and modern architecture but his first interest is in contemporary music, playing and singing.

Restoring pianos combines Ben’s carpentry and artistic skills. Joining inspiration and innovation, he hopes to bring abandoned instruments back into vogue as an item of art or focal furniture rather than another candidate for landfill.

He views saving Pianos as not just eco-friendly but also preserving something from the past.

Ben’s Sapheye Ra piano inspired the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in their Urban Pianos Project which really took off in the Town. You can see a video of some of their art here.

Ben has also collaborated with Curve Theatre in Leicester to display a customised piano which patrons can play by arrangement in their Cafe . You can read the Leicester Mercury article here

Why not drop Ben a note about the site or anything else that you feel you’d like to say. Just use the contact form and Ben will reply as soon as travel commitments allow.